‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Jordan Klepper Gives Jim Jordan Brutal Reminder Of His Past

Klepper goes after the GOP congressman for his widely derided stunt in New York City this week.

Daily Show” guest host Jordan Klepper mocked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) for a much-derided House Judiciary Committee hearing in New York City that critics dismissed as little more than a made-for-TV stunt.

The off-site congressional hearing to discuss crime in New York City came after a grand jury in Manhattan indicted Donald Trump based on a criminal investigation led by District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Jordan, a close ally of the former president, was likely hoping for a little payback for his pal.

Jordan said Bragg’s policies “are going to ruin this great city,” a comment that surprised Klepper for two reasons.

“One, that he admits New York is a great city. Never thought I’d hear that,” Klepper said. “And two, that he actually held a hearing on crime. I was pretty sure ignoring crime was Jim Jordan’s whole thing.”

Jordan, who was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University, has been accused by multiple athletes of ignoring molestation allegations against the team’s doctor during his time there.

Jordan has denied the athletes’ accusations.

Klepper also pointed out another inconvenient fact for the lawmaker.

“Considering the murder rate is much higher in Columbus, Ohio ― which is in Jim Jordan’s neck of the woods ― maybe he should’ve been holding crime hearings there,” Klepper said.

Later in the segment, “Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic took a shot of her own at Jordan.

“Jim Jordan flew all the way to New York just to talk about how scared he is of New York,” she said. “Relax, Jim. Go see that Michael Jackson Broadway show. It also ignores abuse accusations. You’d love it!”

See more in the Tuesday night monologue:

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