Jordan Klepper Unleashes Holy Hell On Trump With 1 Truly Burning Question

"The Daily Show" correspondent tears into the former president's latest grift.

Jordan Klepper of “The Daily Show” on Tuesday mocked Donald Trump for his most desperate attempt yet to raise cash to pay for his mounting legal fees: by selling his own version of the Bible.

Trump earlier in the day released a video of himself holding the $60 “God Bless The USA Bible” as he insisted that the Bible is his favorite book and that he has “many” in his home.

“Many? Many? Many?” Klepper repeated in disbelief. “How does that thing not burst into flames immediately?”

Trump’s version of the book, done with country singer Lee Greenwood, contains the lyrics to Greenwood’s hit song “God Bless The USA” ― which is played at Trump rallies ― as well as the texts of the Pledge of Allegiance, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

“Trump is mashing together the Bible and the Constitution like it’s a Pizza Hut-Taco Bell,” Klepper cracked. “I know people will say that you’re not supposed to mix the Bible and the Constitution, but what you have to understand is Trump has never read either of them.”

Klepper also predicted where this would lead.

“Trump getting into business with God can only mean one thing: God is gonna end up bankrupt and serving a three-month prison sentence for lying under oath,” he said.

See more in his Tuesday night “Daily Show” monologue:

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