Jordan Klepper Relentlessly Trolls Trump Fans At ‘Totally Normal’ MAGA Rally

"Not a cult at all," the "Daily Show" correspondent sarcastically declared at the bizarre event.

Jordan Klepper went to Donald Trump’s Iowa rally on Saturday and found some supporters who not only believe he won the 2020 election, but that the former president is still in office and in full control of the U.S. government.

And that wasn’t even the strangest discovery the “Daily Show” correspondent made.

“The MAGA faithful expressed their support for the former president in all the totally normal ways,” he said. “With Confederate flags in Iowa and images of Trump on a velociraptor with a machine gun.”

Klepper found Trump supporters in middle finger T-shirts who griped about the lack of civility and respect, QAnon believers with wild conspiracy theories and one MAGA fan who insisted that they aren’t part of a cult.

When Klepper asked which Trump comments she likes best, she replied: “Whatever he spews out of his mouth, I just love it.”

“Not a cult at all,” Klepper summed up:

It was Klepper’s first visit to a Trump rally since the Jan. 6 event that led to the insurrection. Or, as he called it: “A day no one will forget ― unless you’re a Republican member of Congress.”

Klepper has made trolling Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists a recurring bit, last month visiting an anti-masker rally and hitting an anti-vaxxer event in August.

And in spring, he showed the “auditors” at the partisan Arizona recount effort how easy it is to throw “a bullshit thing I just made up” into the works.