Jordan Morlan Accidentally Hangs Self In Halloween Prank

A Kentucky teenager hanged himself in his front yard in what his mother says was an accident during a Halloween prank.

Jordan Morlan, 16, was found unconscious, hanging from a tree with a noose around his neck in his front yard Sunday afternoon, WHAS 11 reported.

His younger sister was the first to see him and ran into the house to tell her mother, Ginger Rodriguez. Rodriguez told WHAS 11, "I said, 'Well, he's probably playing a prank on you because he was pranking us on other things that day putting up Halloween decorations.'"

But Morlan was unconscious and drooling, and was rushed to the hospital. He died of organ failure at about 8 a.m. Monday. The coroner said that oxygen was cut off from his brain for about 20 to 30 seconds.

Police ruled his death an accident, according to The Kansas City Star.

A similar incident occurred in Michigan in 2001, when a 14-year-old accidentally hanged himself while working at a haunted hayride. People who saw him dying at the attraction thought he was acting, according to the Associated Press.