And The Award For Best Oscar Nomination Reaction Goes To ... Jordan Peele

"You know when you're on the phone trying to disguise the sound of an ugly cry?" Peele wrote on Twitter.

Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed horror film, “Get Out,” nabbed four Oscar nominations Tuesday, including best picture, best director, best original screenplay and best actor for Daniel Kaluuya.

In response to the news, Peele posted a GIF from the film that seemed to perfectly capture the way he felt.

But he didn’t stop there. He then made another clever reference to his movie.

Then he shared this delightful slice of life.

And then he got all humble on us.

People on Twitter were equally excited that the film, which addresses the dangers of racism, snagged four nominations.

Even singer John Legend replied to Peele.

All the love for the film is enough to make anyone low-key cry, and we swear we’re totally not doing that right now.

We swear it!