Jordan Peele Responding To 'Get Out' Fan Theories Is As Funny As You'd Expect

"Man ... the power of marijuana."

Was “Get Out” all the dream of Rod the TSA agent?

No, says the film’s writer/director Jordan Peele, responding to Reddit fan theories during a segment for Vanity Fair.

In “Get Out,” Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris, a young African American man traveling with his white girlfriend Rose, played by Allison Williams, to meet her seemingly (but not at all) normal family for the first time.

Peele admits there is definitely symbolism to be found in the film and confirms a few of its easter eggs. However, the “Key & Peele” co-creator writes off some theories as perhaps influenced by mind-altering substances.

Reddit user “youcantbeatme1223” speculates that in one scene, Rose’s brother Jeremy plays a sluggish version of a Bach violin gigue on an ordinary ukulele, symbolizing inferiority, while also letting Chris know the “gigue” is up.

Peele pauses briefly, then replies, “Man ... the power of marijuana.”

Check out the video above for more interesting theories, as well as Peele’s often hilarious responses.

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