Guitarist Tests How Many Gloves It Takes Before He Can't Play 'Enter Sandman'

Jordan Perkic was able to conquer his gloved guitar challenge quite handily for the first 19 pairs.

You can’t say Jordan Perkic isn’t willing to do whatever it takes to help the advancement of science.

No matter how bizarre.

Why else would the guitarist see just how many gloves he can wear before he is physically unable to play “Enter Sandman,” the classic Metallica song.

In the YouTube clip below, Perkic embarks on the metal music mission, starting with no gloves and then adding a new pair each time he plays the familiar “Sandman” riff.

The gloves start slipping at five pairs, and Perkic has problems holding a pick at seven pairs. But the 20-glove mark is when things really get tricky.

Still, he was able to then attempt another experiment: Seeing if his cat enjoyed being petted by a man wearing 20 gloves.

You can see the video below including Perkic’s harrowing attempts to remove the gloves once he’s done.

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