'Jordan Point' Is Another Winner From Kathryn R Wall

Book Review - Jackie K Cooper
JORDAN POINT by Kathryn R. Wall

Kathryn R. Wall has now written thirteen Bay Tanner novels. Her latest is titled JORDAN POINT and is full of the Kathy Wall necessities. These include an intriguing mystery, a description of the lush locale of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and another visit with the characters we have grown to love over the course of these books. These characters include Private Investigator Bay Tanner, her husband and business associate Red, and Bay's partner Erik. Readers also get to visit once more with Lavinia, Bay's childhood housekeeper/nanny.

As the story opens Bay is finding life just a bit dull. She and Erik have agreed to leave the "dangerous" cases to others and stick with the more mundane type of work. This is mostly at Red's urging as he does not like his wife in any kind of jeopardy. But when Bay's old high school pal, "Pudge" Reynolds, asks her to take on a job Bay eagerly agrees.

The job involves another high school friend, Mary Alice Stuart. Pudge says Mary Alice has been the victim of spousal abuse and she wants Bay to investigate and then talk Mary Alice into filing charges against her husband. Before Bay has barely opened a case file new developments take place that change the abuse investigation into a possible murder investigation.

All of this takes place in and around Bay's beloved home town of Hilton Head Island and gives the reader a chance to learn more and more about this special place. Bay knows this country like the back of her hand, from the sunny beaches to the murky swamp like areas. Most of the time she doesn't even need a GPS system to reach a specific location.

Wall's love of this place and of her characters shines through from beginning to end of the story. Bay and Red have always had a prickly type of relationship and that continues in this book. Erik has had his heart broken and is looking for a way to resolve this past sour love affair. And then there is Lavinia, who Bay loves like a parent. She is getting older and Bay never has her concerns about this woman far from her mind.

Kathryn Wall writes in an easy flowing manner. Each portion of Bay's adventure flows seamlessly into the next. The reader is able to relax and enjoy the story because Wall is such a capable storyteller. The first Bay Tanner book was good and each one that has followed has gotten better and better. Now let's have thirteen more.

JORDAN POINT is published by Bella Rosa Books. It contains 252 pages and sells for $14.95.

Jackie K Cooper