Jordan Rice, Jessica Moreland, Both Widowed In Their 20s, Find Love In Each Other (VIDEO)

WATCH: Two Young Widowers Find Love Together

Jessica Moreland and Jordan Rice had each been widowed in their 20s. But from their tragedies came true love.

Moreland lost her husband to a motorcycle accident in 2009, about two months after they were married. Rice lost his wife to an aggressive cancer in 2011.

So when friends mentioned Moreland's story to Rice in 2012, he decided to take a leap of faith and reach out to her on Facebook. His friend request became the beginning of a unique romance.

Rice, now 31, was also moved by Moreland's blog, 'One Day At A Time,' where she's documented her journey since her husband's death, ABC News reported.

This past June, they were married.

Rice blogged about the event:

Family and friends, I’m overwhelmed in the very best of ways. I married the incredible Jessica Moreland (Rice!) this past Saturday and here’s a couple things that stood out: 1. If tears are the new macho, I’m freaking Rambo. 2. With no required proof to get a wedding certificate after being widowed, I could easily become a polygamist. 3. God’s grace to bring me this woman will forever astound me.

Accompanying his post was a video (above) that tells the couple's story. To date, it has received more than 50,000 views.

"We could both be so vulnerable with each other so early on in a way that only people who have kind of gone through what we've gone through could understand," Moreland says in it.

"The coolest thing about our first date," Rice adds, "is that we both sat there and cried as the other person told their story and to really feel for the other person, to have felt their loss in that second."

The 5-minute clip also received more than 200 comments.

"After watching this video, it almost seems (to me) that the deceased spouses of these two beautiful people played a part in their eventual meeting," YouTube user toodlum48 wrote. "How wonderful that they included their families at the wedding and hopefully will remain close to both sides for the rest of their lives. It is a perfect example of what real true love is all about."

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