Jordy Nelson Touchdown: Aaron Rodgers Finds WR For a 93-Yard Score Against Rams (VIDEO)

Through the first six weeks of the season, it hasn't seemed like anyone can stop Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Certainly not the winless Rams. The reigning Super Bowl champs cruised past St. Louis on Sunday, scoring three touchdowns in the second quarter and letting their defense do the rest en route to a 24-3 victory. One of those touchdowns came when the Packers were backed up on their own 7-yard line with a 10-0 lead.

Rodgers dropped back, made one pump-fake and then launched a pass to wide receiver Jordy Nelson down the left sideline. The 26-year-old's route got him behind two defenders as the ball was thrown. Once Nelson caught the pass, he cut back toward the middle of the field, sending those two Rams defenders running right into one another (albeit not in as spectacularly embarrassing fashion as what Michael Vick did to those Vikings defenders so many years ago). Once Nelson made his move, there was nobody else to beat and the Packers took a 17-0 lead.