Jorge Ramos Spars With Bill O'Reilly

Univision anchor and rising star Jorge Ramos appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" Friday night to discuss the role of the press in the United States, and he didn't hold back in his criticism of American media -- including Bill O'Reilly.

"Our mission," Ramos said, "is to question those who are in power. And I'm not seeing that." When he takes trips to Washington, he continued, "it feels like a club. They're more concerned about keeping their contacts, than... getting the truth." O'Reilly countered that there were exceptions to this rule, to which Ramos responded, "Of course there are exceptions. But we all have biases. You have your own biases, whenever you're covering Obamacare, or Benghazi, or supporting more the Republican party than the Democratic party..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa," O'Reilly interjected. "Have you ever seen me do a softball interview with anybody?"

"I've seen you doing tough interviews, but I've seen you also supporting more Republicans than Democrats," Ramos said. "Maybe editorially, but never in an interview," O'Reilly responded.

Later in the interview, the two disagreed again on immigration reform, with Ramos blaming John Boehner for holding up a bill in the House of Representatives, and O'Reilly, echoing the GOP platform by asserting that the U.S.-Mexico border should be more secure before new laws are considered.

Watch the whole thing above.