Jorge Ramos, Sean Hannity Clash Over Immigration Reform

Fox News' Sean Hannity invited Jorge Ramos onto his show Wednesday night, beginning by congratulating the Fusion anchor for asking President Barack Obama some tough questions on his recent choice to use executive powers on immigration policy.

But that's really where the honeymoon ended. When the debate shifted to the actual issue of immigration reform, and whether those who came to the U.S. illegally deserve to stay in the country, things got contentious.

"They are here because we need them," Ramos said. "What you had for breakfast this morning, it was harvested by immigrants. The place where you live, and most probably, was built by immigrants. Whenever you go to a restaurant and whenever you go to a hotel you're served by immigrants."

"And now you're saying that you don't want them here," he continued. "You criticize them, and then at the same time you benefit from their work."

Hannity rebuked Ramos' argument by running through a laundry list of his previous work experience (dishwasher, waiter, bartender, painter, wallpaper hanger, roofer, etc.), and by saying that his grandparents immigrated to the U.S. legally. The pair continued to bicker over the nuts and bolts of what legislation is needed -- arguing over if securing the border or making sure undocumented immigrants aren't deported takes precedent -- but ultimately Hannity and Ramos had to agree to disagree.

"I gotta run," Hannity said. "We're going around in circles."