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Chef José Andrés vs. Jonathan Gold In A Molecular Gastronomy Battle Royale: Who's The Victor?

There are several chefs practicing "Modern" or "Avante Garde" cuisine who object strongly to the term "Molecular Gastronomy," finding it a limited and dismissive description of their work and something of a culinary pejorative.

Chef José Andrés, who has voiced his objection to the term before, has now confronted Pulitzer Prize-winning LA Weekly food critic Jonathan Gold over Twitter in a days-long back-and-forth. Jonathan Gold used the term "molecular gastronomy" five days ago on Twitter to describe what Scott Conant's well-regarded spaghetti and tomato sauce was not. The shot across the bow from Chef Andrés: "With all due respect, No one cooks molecular, writers and critics write molecular, Mr. Gold!" José Andrés has been needling Gold fairly aggressively since then to disabuse him and other food writers and critics from using this loaded culinary term, and Gold is standing firmly by the term.

Whose side are you on? Tell us below.

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