Jose Canseco Tweets Al Gore Is Dead And Shares Concerns About Global Warming

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

Jose Canseco's Twitter account is quickly becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. The man is either batsh*t crazy or is fooling all of us with his comedic brilliance. I'm willing to place my bet on the former, which makes his Twitter account all the more entertaining. You truly never know what you're going to get with Jose's tweets. Deadspin has turned them into motivational posters. He's challenged other former athletes to fights. And Wednesday, he turned his attention to global warming and former Vice President and Creator of the Interwebs Al Gore. First, Jose's thoughts on Global Warming... perhaps he is motivated to be the new Recyclops...

Not only do we get global warming tips, but survival tips and history lessons as well! The scary thing is that he may actually be right about lower body tempatures leading to a longer life span, at least in mice. You have to love the affectionate use of the term "morons" as well as the countless misspellings and grammar mistakes in Jose's Twitter feed.

His concern for polar bears and mother earth is actually quite noble. After experiencing 85 degree days last week in Ohio and seeing a mere dusting of snow for the entire winter, maybe Jose and Al are onto something here. If only Jose put all of his energy into stopping global warming and not MMA fights with much larger men or failed baseball comebacks, maybe humanity could make a dent in our enviornmental decline.

Alas, Jose's thoughts on global warming was only the prelude to the tweet of the year. The one where Jose Canseco killed Al Gore on Twitter...

Contrary to Jose's tweet, our sources have confirmed Al Gore is indeed still alive. Someone thankfully must have told Jose that fact as his next tweet was an apology to Al and a plea to keep fighting the good fight. Unfortunately, that person neglected to inform Jose that "a head" was actually one word and not two. There are fake Twitter death rumors all the time, but this is much different. This is genuine emotion and concern. This is real... except for the Al Gore being dead part. It's nice to know that Jose's patented "hug for u" isn't just an empty Twitter catchphrase though, he also uses it for eulogies.

I may watch my back the next few days if I'm Ralph Nader though... just in case...