Jose Canseco Has A Plan To Fix Texas Football And Wants To Coach #CansecoHorns To Glory

Everyone knows that a Texas-sized name is needed to replace Mack Brown. Jose Canseco seems to believe the Longhorns might benefit from a Texas-sized former Major League slugger instead.

The University of Texas announced on Saturday that Brown had decided to step down from his role as head football coach following the team's appearance in the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 30. The next morning, Canseco embarked on one of his signature Twitter monologues.

Seconds after sending out that social media embrace to Brown, Canseco began campaigning for his soon-to-be-vacated job by trying to tweet at Texas athletic director Steve Patterson.

The huge name most frequently linked to Texas as Brown's Longhorns struggled through an uneven 8-4 regular reason belonged to Alabama's Nick Saban. To the disappointment of many in burnt orange, Saban announced that he had agreed on a long-term agreement with Alabama on Friday.

Perhaps aware that his football credentials might not measure up to those of candidates like Saban or Florida State's Jimbo Fisher, Canseco launched directly into his four-point plan to return Texas Football to glory.

Not long after Canseco concluded his pitch, Brown held a press conference to discuss his impending departure.

"The standard is really high here," Brown said during a press conference on Sunday, via The Dallas Morning News. "We set a standard at this place. You'd better win all of them. I understand that. ... The standard is really high here and I'm proud of being part of setting that standard."

Following Brown's remarks, Patterson spoke about the coaching search. Although he admitted that he'd like to have it wrapped up by "Tuesday at noon," Patterson made it clear the search would be "extensive."

"And you've got to win. You've got to win big," Patterson said of the task facing Brown's successor. "We'll find the best football coach we can."

Presumably, Canseco could be free at Tuesday at noon if Patterson opted to re-prioritize speed over thoroughness.



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