Jose Navarro Jr. Allegedly Faked 911 Call To Avoid Traffic Ticket

Nobody likes getting a traffic ticket, but calling in a fake shooting is not a way to get out of it.

But that was the method Jose Navarro, Jr., allegedly used early Sunday morning after being pulled over by police in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Police said that during the traffic stop Navarro called 911 and falsely reported hearing eight gunshots. He also claimed that a man had been shot and was lying on the ground a few blocks away from where the police had stopped him, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The idea, according to police, is that the officers who had pulled over Navarro would leave him to respond to the more serious call.

It sort of worked: Several officers did drive to the scene with their emergency lights on, only to discover it was bogus, according to RedEye Chicago.

Police then asked Navarro about the shooting and he allegedly admitted making it up to avoid getting traffic tickets, Patch Illinois reports.

Navarro was arrested on a variety of charges including a felony charge for the made-up 911 call. He was also cited for illegal transportation of an open alcohol container, speeding, no seat belt, driving without lights and improper lane usage.

He was ordered held on $50,000 bail on Sunday.



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