$400,000 Wine Heist Was An Inside Job, Police Say

Well ain't that a kick in the grapes?

A California warehouse worker who had "unlimited access" to stores of wine is accused of selling the valuable vintages on the black market.

Jose Pina, 31, who worked at Valley Wine Warehouse, a Napa County storage facility, was arrested last week following a police investigation. Police said they received a tip from someone Pina had allegedly tried to sell wine to on the sly -- and at a deep discount.

“We do believe there are other unassuming victims” American Canyon Police Chief Tracy Stuart told Fox Sacramento.

When police searched Pina's Vacaville apartment, they found $73,150 that they believe came from the sale of stolen wine. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that investigators also found 55 cases of stolen wine in a barn in Solano County.

Pina was booked into county jail on suspicion of grand theft, possession of stolen property and burglary. Police are searching for additional suspects in the case, according to the L.A. Times.



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