Joseph Amendola, Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer, Impregnated Teenage Girl: Report

REPORT: Sandusky's Lawyer Impregnated Teenage Girl

On Monday evening, former Penn State football coach and accused child predator Jerry Sandusky broke his silence by participating in a telephone interview with NBC's Bob Costas. Although Sandusky admitted to showering with young boys, he maintained his innocence regarding the charges of sexual assault. Joining Costas in the NBC studio was the lawyer, Joseph Amendola, tasked with proving Sandusky's innocence.

Amendola took a few questions from Costas, revealing a potential blockbuster turn regarding witness testimony in the high-profile case.

Having taken the job of representing Sandusky in a trial surely to be followed around the nation, Amendola has also opened his own past to public examination. Thus far, revelations have not established him as a paragon of sound judgment regarding young people. According The Daily, Amendola may have engaged in sexual relations with a teen during the 1990s.

According to Centre County Courthouse documents obtained by the iPad newspaper, the man representing Sandusky impregnated a teenage girl and later married her. Per the report, Mary Iavasile's mother alleged in an interview that her daughter gave birth to Amendola's child before she was 18 years old. He had reportedly served as her attorney when she was 17.

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