Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson Makes Paris Jackson Want To 'Vomit'

"I'm so incredibly offended by it, as I'm sure plenty of people are as well."

The controversy over casting Joseph Fiennes to portray Michael Jackson for an upcoming comedy show continues.

The trailer for the episode “Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon” of the British TV show “Urban Myths,” which features Fiennes as Jackson, dropped Wednesday ― and the blowback has been excruciating.

For context, this is what Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson looks like:

A Michael Jackson podcast called “The MJ Cast” sent out a call to arms to boycott the upcoming show and asked Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, for her thoughts.

Paris Jackson responded to the missive to share her disdain for the portrayal:

And she wasn’t alone. Her feelings were shared by many:

Paris followed up her tweet about her discontent with the portrayal of her father with another tweet that just read “#justice4mj #justice4liz.

The “Urban Myths” episode, with its contentious casting choices, debuts Jan. 19 on Sky Arts and will feature other “believe it or not” stories.

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