Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Grow Up In The Movies

It's difficult to imagine Joseph Gordon-Levitt as anything other than the major film hunk he is now, but there was a time when the man was but a mere pipsqueak. Remember the 1994 movie "Angels in the Outfield"? Yep, Gordon-Levitt was the star orphan kid, winning his way into the hearts of impressionable tweens with his big brown eyes.

Nearly 20 years and dozens of roles later, Gordon-Levitt is all grown up. Like a handful of child stars who continue their acting careers as adults, his development from boy to man is documented in the movies he's starred in -- from the adorable nerd in "10 Things I Hate About You" to the futuristic hitman in "Looper."

So, to celebrate his growth from pre-pubescent to gorgeous "it" man, HuffPost made a mashup of a handful of these key roles. Watch above for "Joseph Gordon-Levitt Growing Up In Film."