Joseph Gordon-Levitt's GQ Correction: Actor Calls Out Magazine For 'Irresponsible Claim'

"The Dark Knight Rises" star Joseph Gordon-Levitt graces the August cover of GQ magazine, and although he's grateful for the prime real estate, the actor is disappointed by the way his brother's 2010 death is described in the cover story.

"A photographer and fire spinner who went by the moniker Burning Dan, the elder Gordon-Levitt died of an alleged drug overdose in 2010," the GQ article says.

Although the article does include a quote from Gordon-Levitt on his brother's death ("It was an accident"), the actor was disappointed with the magazine's choice of words in addressing the subject.

"Using the word 'alleged' technically allows the writer to say whatever she wants," Gordon-Levitt wrote on his blog Tuesday afternoon. "The 'allegations' to which she must be referring were made by a handful of gossip websites. They are factually incorrect according to the coroner’s office and the police department. I don’t like publicly speaking about my brother’s death, but I’m making an exception to correct this irresponsible claim."

"My super hero brother @burningdan 1974-2010," Gordon-Levitt tweeted later, confirming his brother's death.

Since then, when it comes to media stories, the "500 Days of Summer" actor has tried to focus on celebrating his brother's life rather than dwelling on his death.

"Dan was a brightly positive, genuinely caring, and brilliantly inspiring person, and I liked the idea of such a wide readership learning about him," Gordon-Levitt wrote on his blog. "My parents and I are disappointed with what the article chose to focus on regarding this sensitive subject."

UPDATE: GQ has responded to the actor's complaint and stand by their description of Burning Dan's death: "The magazine stands by its reporting, the facts of which are fully supported—and have been confirmed in detail—by the Los Angeles County coroner's office."



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