Joseph Sincavage, Connecticut Man: My Nazi Flag Is Anti-Obama, Not Anti-Jew, I'll Fly Israeli Flag Too

Joseph Sincavage has made up his mind: The Nazi flag will remain on display outside his house, right next to the American flag, the Marine Corps flag and the one that bears the Vatican coat of arms.

The 73-year-old from Stratford, Conn. prompted outrage this week after putting up the large Swastika symbol on Sunday. But Sincavage maintains that it is meant to show his opposition to President Barack Obama, and that people are overreacting by suggesting otherwise.

“I am going to keep flying (the Nazi flag) until Obama changes his policies, resigns or gets impeached,” he said in an interview with the Stratford Star. “I am going to stay with it on the basis of my First Amendment rights.”

Sincavage told the Star that the Nazi flag symbolizes the totalitarian state he believes Obama is driving the nation toward, and he "didn’t realize people would take it as offensive" for other reasons. On Thursday, he reportedly ordered an Israeli flag, which he intends to fly alongside the Nazi one, "so Jewish people won't think I’m mad at them or anything like that."

The Nazis hated a lot more than just Jewish people, however, and some people in Sincavage's neighborhood aren't buying his explanation.

"He's just a racist. That's the bottom line," Jeff Jones, who lives down the street, told NBC Connecticut. "What would you have an American flag next to a Nazi flag? That makes no sense?"

While the Nazi flag is a recent addition to Sincavage's home decorations, controversy is not. Six months before, he reportedly put up a confederate flag.

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