Joseph Stiglitz: Hillary Clinton Is 'Clearly Much Better' For The Economy Than Republican Candidates

Joseph Stiglitz: Hillary Is 'Clearly Much Better' For The Economy Than Republicans

Joseph Stiglitz is hoping to see more from Hillary Clinton's 2016 platform regarding economic growth, but the economist still says the Democrat is "clearly much better than the Republican candidates."

"Politics [are] complex. There are lots of forces. I think we haven't yet seen some clear statements [from Clinton, but] I believe she will come out in support of progressive policies," he told HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski in a Wednesday conversation.

According to the Nobel Prize-winner, these reforms would come in the form of "doing something to curb the excesses of CEO pay, doing something to curb the excesses of the financial sector [and] doing something to curb the excesses in market power in various industries," all of which have contributed to the bleak economic landscape for America's poor that's remained unchanged for the past 50 years.

"More than 70 percent of Americans think that it is really wrong that the people at the bottom have seen no increase in their wages for almost a half century," Stiglitz continued. "In a period where China moved 500 million people out of poverty, our bottom has stayed just the same."

The Price Of Inequality author, who met with Clinton last week to discuss "progressive ideas on economic inequality," is optimistic these issues will be addressed in her 2016 agenda, but only in due time.

"I think she will, but it's early in the campaign," he said. "These various forces on the differing sides are fighting it out."

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