Josephine Lamberti, AKA @J_Dimps, Is An 80-Year-Old Twitter Celebrity

WATCH: 80-Year-Old Widow Is An Unlikely Internet Celebrity

A Staten Island grandmother has one lofty goal to accomplish before she passes on, and as of Friday afternoon, she's already 94 percent on her way to achieving it (with help from celebrity admirers including Rihanna and Jason Segel).

Josephine Lamberti, or J-Dimps as her steadily growing social media following may know her, explains in her Twitter bio:

I'm 80 & want 80K followers (or 1million) before I die #OLDladySWAG FOLLOW MY GRANDSON @DonnyDFINE EMAIL ME JosieDimps@gmail DANCING & COOKING MEATBALLS.

The 80-year old grandmother talked to The New York Times about her ambitious quest that started rather arbitrarily a year ago, "I was bored and I wanted some action, so I says, ‘Donny (her grandson), you want to teach me the computer so I can, you know, tweet or something?"

Since then, celebrities have endorsed Lamberti's goals. Former baseball player Jose Canseco urged, "Follow Josie Dimples she is 80 years old her only wish is to have 80k followers before she passes away let's help her out please."

Rihanna even affectionately tweeted "Our girl @J_DIMPS made it on the news" referring to her recent coverage in People Magazine. In return, Lamberti says she's ditched old-school, swing dances like the lindy and now prefers to jive to Rihanna's tunes.

Lamberti also stars in homemade videos produced by her grandson Donny Brandefine in which she dons a white headband and makes wonderfully hilarious quips about swag and playas.

Watch below and remember to help J Dimps here:

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