Josh Brolin and Kate McKinnon's Celebrity Impressions Are So Bad, They're Amazing

Who knew Kim Kardashian sounded like that?

First impressions are always the worst, and that's exactly what Jimmy Fallon proved on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday.

Josh Brolin and Kate McKinnon dropped by for a game of "First Impressions," where everyone needs to do random celebrity impressions they've never done before. And it showed. 

Among the highlights, McKinnon, who does amazing impressions on "SNL," broke out her terrible Christopher Walken, Josh Brolin used a box of tissues to represent Kim K's butt (uh, yeah) and Jimmy Fallon feared for his life when he had to do a Mike Tyson voice.

Those celebs might actually be offended if they had any idea the impressions were of them. But that's a really big if


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