This Barber Wants To Inspire A Social Movement By Giving Free Haircuts To The Homeless

Josh Coombes is using #DoSomethingForNothing to document his dedication to giving back.

Hairdresser Joshua Coombes transforms Londoners' looks on a daily basis, and is making a difference at the same time. 

Coombes, who is originally a musician, gives haircuts to homeless people free of charge along the streets of London. His altruistic endeavor started late last year, when an idea sparked after he passed a homeless person on the street. 

"It just happened one day. I had all my gear on me and I was walking past somebody who was homeless and it went from there, really. It was a lightbulb moment in my head and I was like this is an amazing way to connect with people," he said.  

Since Coombes started cutting hair five years ago, he's seen the impact that a little trim can have on a person. When someone sits down for a haircut, Coombes catches a glimpse into that person's life, even if for a moment. Then his friend, photographer Matt Spracklen, captures it for Instagram

"I approach somebody, I talk to them on a human level," he said. "During the haircut, it's quite an intimate thing and you really see someone come out of their shell and they start talking to you a bit deeper about their life and their situation. And you show that look in the mirror and you're like their best friend."

Coombes hopes his work will inspire others to give back as well and document their random acts of kindness with #DoSomethingForNothing, a phrase that he, Spracklen and Be Social Global CEO Dave Burt dreamed up together. 

"I saw a vision where this could be a social goodwill movement, rather than just me cutting hair for homeless people," he said. "Everyone's got a compassionate side within themselves and I really believe that it's about waking that up in people sometimes."

Coombes is putting that vision into practice with a day of giving back in London on July 9. 

Learn more about the story in the video above. 



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