Josh Dueck, Paraplegic Mono Skier, Makes History With Huge Backflip

WATCH: Paraplegic Skier's Backflip Makes History

The next time you awake early on a Saturday morning, briefly ponder the ski traffic clogging I-70, and head back to bed, think of Josh Dueck. Dueck was paralyzed in a 2004 ski accident (see story in video below), yet proceeded to master mono skiing. To date, Dueck has won a gold medal in Mono Skier Cross at the 2011 X Games; a silver medal at the 2010 Paralympic Winter games; and a gold medal in downhill at the 2009 World Championship.

Not content with his recognition as one of the sport's top athletes, Dueck has now pushed the sport's boundaries even further. The Salomon-sponsored athlete made history on February 3rd throwing a backflip on a gigantic kicker built specifically for him in the backcountry near Whistler.

Westword reports Dueck honed his backflip skills in the Barn at Woodward at Copper.

WATCH Josh Dueck's history-making backflip above.

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