Josh Duggar Makes Incest Joke In Resurfaced 2008 Video

They say hindsight is 20/20, which makes this 2008 clip of Josh Duggar joking about his siblings dating unsettling.

Last week, the 27-year-old "19 Kids and Counting" star issued a Facebook apology confirming tabloid reports he was investigated as a teen for child molestation. As the scandal surrounding the family continues to unfold, this clip from the TLC reality show (back when it was still called "17 Kids and Counting") has resurfaced.

In the short video, a 20-year-old Josh explains how he had planned to take his then-fiancee Anna to the movies. His younger sister Jinger was supposed to chaperone, but she was too young to attend an 18-plus film. The solution, he explains, is to have siblings Jana and John David chaperone instead -- in what he describes as a "double date. "

"So, we chose Jana and John David –- we thought why not have a double date," Josh says. The camera then cuts and he begins laughing while he says, "We are from Arkansas!"

The joke, which clearly implies an incestuous relationship between siblings, seems even more off-color now that he confirmed allegations he molested five female minors, some of whom were his own sisters.

Following Josh's apology, TLC pulled "19 Kids and Counting" from its schedule, but has yet to make any long-term decisions about the fate of the show.

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