Josh Duhamel Talks Paparazzi And The No Kids Policy: 'We Knew What We Were Getting Into'

Josh Duhamel On Paparazzi: 'We Knew What We Were Getting Into'

Many celebrity parents in Hollywood have rallied behind Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell after they introduced the No Kids Policy earlier this year, which boycotts magazines and websites that pay for and run photos of famous children.

Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner were also instrumental in this cause, helping to get the Senate Bill 606 passed, aiming to protect the privacy of children of public figures.

Josh Duhamel discussed this cause on HuffPost Live Friday, April 11, admitting that he and his wife Fergie agree with the policy, but also understand why celebrity kids are susceptible to paparazzi hounding.

"We're not quite as aggressive about it, as long as they're respectful and keep their distance," Duhamel, who is partnering up with Advil for National Volunteer Week, explained of photographers. "I don't want them to terrify my kid by any means and I don't want it to affect the way he sees the world [but] I don't want to start any kind of beef with them either because they could be pretty voracious when they need to be."

Duhamel and Fergie welcomed their first child, son Axl, in August 2013 and have been pretty open with sharing photos on social media to prevent the paparazzi from following them.

"Dax and Kristen are both very good friends of mine and I agree with what they're doing because they're very good, protective parents and they've had experiences that are different than what we've had," he added. "At the same time, we knew what we were getting into when we had our little one and it was, 'Yes, he didn't ask for it,' but it's best that he sort of adapts to it and understands it. It's up to us to make him understand what it is and try to make his upbringing as normal as possible, in spite of all of that."

So far, life as a parent has been pretty "normal" for Duhamel, who admits his son has, well, "sharted" on him.

"There's that moment of danger between taking the old diaper off and putting the new one on. And if he times it right, he'll get you ... and he did," Duhamel said, continuing, "That was the only time I ever got sharted on, but I do get peed on regularly."

Watch the rest of Josh Duhamel's HuffPost Live interview here.

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