Josh Fox, 'Gasland' Filmmaker, On The Daily Show (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Gasland' Filmmaker On: 'Isn't Natural Gas The Kind They Sell In Whole Foods?"

Josh Fox was a guest on The Daily Show Monday night, coinciding with the HBO release of his new documentary, Gasland. He talks with Jon Stewart about the film, which exposes the toxic chemicals being leeched into water supplies as a consequence of the new natural gas drilling method sweeping the nation, hydraulic fracturing. Some water supplies are so drastically affected by the chemicals that residents are actually able to light their tap water on fire.

Fox explains that we are currently in the biggest natural gas drilling boom in history to which Stewart sardonically replies, "Well, it's natural gas, so it's actually the healthy gas. They actually sell it in whole foods. It's so tasty, this gas."

Fox further talks about the natural gas drilling industry's deceptive tactics to buy the rights to drill on peoples' property and their PR effort to smear the information in his film. He describes the industry's exemption from certain regulations through the "Halliburton loophole", to which Stewart remarks, "That sounds like the worst sex position ever."

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