Josh Gad Would 'Jump At The Opportunity' For A 'Book Of Mormon' Movie

A big-screen adaptation of  Matt Stone and Trey Parker's riotous Broadway hit "The Book of Mormon" has been rumored for several years, and while there's nothing new to report on whether it'll actually happen, Josh Gad would be totally down to take part.

Gad, who originated the role of Elder Cunningham in the play in 2011, dropped by HuffPost Live on Monday with director Chris Columbus to discuss their film "Pixels," which opens July 24. During the conversation, a fan asked Gad whether he would reprise his part if a film happened, and the actor said he may have aged out of the character.

"Does this look like the face of an 18-year-old, sweetie?" Gad joked.

Answering the question more seriously, the actor said he would "jump at the opportunity" if Stone and Parker wanted him.

"I would actually love to," he said. "I would read the phone book if Trey and Matt asked me to on film."

Watch Gad discuss the possibility of a "Book of Mormon'" adaptation in the video above, and click here to watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Gad and Chris Columbus.

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