Josh Groban On Katy Perry: 'We Might Have Skated On The Line Of Dating'

In today's unlikely celebrity friendship news, who knew Josh Groban and Katy Perry were such pals?

Apparently the singers came close to dating, or something equally ambiguous, according to Groban's new interview with Details magazine.

Here's an excerpt from the Q&A, in which Groban vaguely describes his and Perry's history:

DETAILS: Is it true you're friends with Katy Perry?
Josh Groban: We're very good friends. We met before her first album was even released, and we hit it off because we're both goofballs.

DETAILS: Did you date her?
Josh Groban: No, not really.

DETAILS: "Not really"? It's simple, Josh: Did your tongue ever touch her tongue?
Josh Groban: [Laughs] I'm not commenting on that. We might have skated on the line of dating.

DETAILS: But you did date January Jones, before she was on "Mad Men."
Josh Groban: We dated for about two and a half years, and we were madly in love. It was definitely my longest relationship. I'd love to get into another serious relationship. I am a real romantic at heart.

The New York Post reported in March 2012 that Perry and Groban were spotted dining together at a Hollywood hot spot where one witness said they were "sitting together in deep conversation." The pair was spotted at trendy Soho House later that night.

Rumors of a possible romance first popped up in 2009 but were quickly quashed.



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