Josh Groban Singing Donald Trump's Tweets Will Raise You Up

These crazy ideas have never sounded better.

Pretty much everything Donald Trump posts could be considered a mean tweet, until now.

In a brand new follow-up to his "album" of Kanye West tweets, Josh Groban is now singing some of the best tweets of Donald Trump. And the presidential candidate's controversial ideas have never sounded better.

Is President Obama's birth certificate a fraud? You might not have thought so before, but the way Groban sings it, how could it be wrong? And do we really need more global warming? When Trump says it, it sounds cray cray, but when you hear it from Groban, it doesn't sound half bad. 

Trump's tweets aren't any better than before, but if hearing Groban singing about more global warming makes you want to burn a bunch of fossil fuels and melt ice and stuff, just don't judge yourself too harshly.

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