Twitter Users Drag Josh Hawley For Hypocritical Tweet About Amazon

The Trump-loving senator used an iPhone to make a Twitter post promoting his anti-big tech book on Amazon.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) interrupted his attacks on “big tech” on Friday in order to ask Twitter users to purchase his new book attacking big tech on Amazon.

Hawley’s hypocritical pitch on Twitter came during a press tour promoting the book, where he often accuses the mainstream media of silencing him while he’s being interviewed by the mainstream media.

Hawley apparently didn’t see the irony of positioning himself as a big tech foe while using big tech to promote a book that is anti-big tech. Twitter users, of course, pointed it out to him.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar noted on Thursday that for all of Hawley’s complaints about being silenced by tech companies and the media, he’s all over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and he shows up on Fox News “as often as you brush your teeth.”

Last month, Hawley was dragged on Twitter after promoting the book as something the “corporate media” and “the woke mob don’t want you to read.” That pitch also included the Amazon link.

Though Hawley seems to be having no trouble finding outlets for expressing himself, he has faced consequences for promoting Donald Trump’s election lies and raising a fist in support of Capitol rioters on Jan. 6. Simon & Schuster, which had been set to publish his book, canceled the deal, and Lowes Hotel Group dropped plans to hold a fundraiser for him.

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