'Local Idiot' Josh Hawley Mocked For His Most Clueless Big Tech Complaint Yet

The senator's name was trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) promoted his new book railing against “big tech” in the most awkward way possible: via big tech.

Hawley, one of the ringleaders of the Jan. 6 attempt in Congress to overturn the election results based on lies and conspiracy theories, complained on Tuesday about a vague conspiracy against his anti-tech book by “corporate media and the woke mob.”

Just one problem: He made that gripe on Twitter... via an iPhone... with a link promoting the book on Amazon.com:

On Jan. 6, Hawley raised a fist of support to a crowd of pro-Trump protesters in Washington D.C., just hours before many of those same people attacked the U.S. Capitol. Afterward, he continued to object to certifying the election results in two states in an attempt to cancel out millions of American votes.

Hawley’s actions cost him donors as well as his initial book deal, although he quickly found a new publisher. He has since complained ceaselessly about being censored and has done so unironically via numerous national TV appearances, a front-page editorial in The New York Post and, presumably, in his forthcoming book.

Hawley’s latest tweet ― using big tech to complain about big tech while promoting his book on big tech for sale via big tech ― caused his name to trend on Twitter as critics called him out for one of his most clueless comments yet:

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