Josh makes Thailand his home. Entry 3


In 2002 Josh met a beautiful Thai woman named Chalomejit Looktarn Junkate. Tall, 5'9" with dimples and a sweet voice that spoke very little English, Josh was smitten. Tarn, her nickname, said the first time they met, she walked by Josh and they smiled at one another. Josh followed her and asked if he could see her. She replied maybe; then walked away. Josh found her some time later, and asked if she would like to take a walk with him. "What kind of crazy date that he want walk with me???" But, they did and they went together off and on for 7 years. Tarn was always in Josh's life even up to the end, and what she did for him and our family was nothing short of a miracle and she is definitely someone for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration. Had it not been for Tarn, this story would not exist. We would not be having the ending we are having and I would not have been able to say goodbye to my precious son in the way that Tarn made possible for Mia and me.

The years passed and Josh continued his yearly visits, and we communicated by phone, email, texts and messages, and visits.

BED SUPPERCLUB closed as all hot nightclubs eventually do and the end was not a good one for Josh. He felt he was taken advantage of and he probably was, but on he went.

He eventually went to Phuket to work in a new club, Diamond Beach Club and there he met A Seed Zza , a tiny dark skinned beauty from Northern Thailand near the Cambodian border, Surin City to be exact. Josh never referred to A as his girlfriend and so I never took the relationship seriously. I remember exactly, watching my granddaughter in gymnastics class in San Marcos, CA. when my cell phone rang and it was Josh telling me he was going to be a father. Oh crap.
Their relationship was rocky from the get go, and I believe that if A had not gotten pregnant, it would have ended. However, on Nov. 1, while I was sitting in the Philly airport about to board a plane to go on to Spain with Rick, I got a call that Christian Poramin Ezell had been born. And there followed a picture of a tiny newborn in a hospital bassinet.

Things got increasingly harder for Josh. The baby was allergic to milk. A was not breastfeeding. Christian was always crying and colicky. Josh was burning candles, working late hours, tending to his baby, while his young girlfriend was having a hard time with motherhood. I believe Josh started doing drugs heavily then. A said he would come home in the early morning hours from the club, tend the baby and then go into his music room and mix until day light, catch a few hours sleep, and start all over again.

He called me one morning telling me he had really fucked up and missed work. He had never missed work ever! I knew drugs were a factor. Eventually he was fired by Julie, his boss and also a dear friend. Up to this point, I knew Josh dabbled in recreational drugs. I knew he drank beer, and smoked both cigarettes and weed. It was an unhealthy lifestyle, and he knew it. He cleaned up often. No drinking, no drugs and he always sounded grounded and happy when we talked. This was different. His relationship with A was hard and I know he was using to escape her and the pregnancy, even though he was looking forward to being a father. It was very much like Josh to "want to do the right thing."

It was only days later, on the morning of Feb. 28, that Josh took off on his scooter to buy goats milk and diapers for his son, that he was run off the road by the tour bus. A waited and waited and he never came home.

To be continued...