The NFL Fined A Player $5,000 For Wearing These Patriotic Shoes

The colors were fine, but the words "proud" and "brave" were too much.

Roughly one month after fining a player for wearing eye black that honored his late father and refusing to let a player wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer, the NFL has disciplined Carolina Panther Josh Norman for … being too proud of his country?

Yeah, that’s right. According to beat writer Joe Person, Norman was fined not because the cleats were too flashy, but because they “included [the] words” "proud" and "brave."

Take note, all you NFL hopefuls out there. You may have causes you believe in, you may have people you want to remember, heck, you may even be proud to be an American, but don’t ever -- ever! -- let that show on the field. Or next thing you know, you’ll be handing $5,000 over to your pal Roger Goodell.


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