Meatopia 2012: Josh Ozersky's 'META' Ad For Meat Festival Parodies Racy PETA Ads

First, we saw this tweet:

Then, we debated for several minutes whether we wanted to click or not. Eater was right -- we didn't ask for a naked picture of TIME's food columnist and Meatopia founder Josh Ozersky.

But, we relented and we've got to give Ozersky credit -- the ad for this year's Meatopia is pretty hilarious, albeit a bit jarring. His photo hawking his (fake) organization META (Meatopians for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) really does do a good job at spoofing all those naked PETA celebrities. Who wouldn't want to see an overweight man with a box of vegetables covering his nether region?

We're just surprised that Ozersky went for vegetables -- wouldn't a slab of meat be more appropriate?

Here's the full ad:


If you're curious, here are some of PETA's racy images from various campaigns:

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