Josh Pitman's Texas Home Invaded By Tumbleweeds (VIDEO)

WATCH: Texas Home Invaded By Tumbleweeds

A man in Midland, Tex., is rolling in problems thanks to an invasion of tumbleweeds that has covered his home.

Hundreds of tumbleweeds tumbled on the left side of Josh Pitman's home on Monday. Soon, the emblem of the dusty Wild West spread to his roof and wrapped around the house.

"I didn't even know this many tumbleweeds existed," Pitman said, according to

Pitman believes so many whirled up to his house because he recently tore down a fence in his front yard, WIVB-TV reported.

The dried-out tumbleweeds could become a fire hazard, but Pitman said firefighters told him that since they are all on his property, he's responsible for removing them, according to Associated Press.

Pitman plans to spend the rest of the week doing just that, according to KFDM-TV.

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