Josh Powell's Mother Agrees Not To Bury Son Near The Children He Allegedly Murdered

Josh Powell will not be buried in the same cemetery as the two children he allegedly killed, according to his mother, Terri Powell.

"We have tried so hard to be loving and considerate and respectful in making Josh's burial arrangements. We love our little Charlie and Braden and want their resting place to be a place of peace and comfort," Powell said.

"We have made the determination that Josh will not be buried at Woodbine Cemetery [in Puyallup, Wash.], but are in the process of making other arrangements," she continued.

Seattle attorney and legal analyst Anne Bremner told The Huffington Post that Powell's family decided not to bury Josh Powell in the same cemetery because of the public outrage that proposal had caused.

"The [Powell] family backed down after the public rose up against them and after Crime Stoppers and the public bought the burial plots," she explained.

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Josh And Susan Powell

Bremner represents Charles and Judy Cox, the grandparents of Josh Powell's children and the parents of Powell's missing wife, Susan Powell. Josh Powell is the primary suspect in his wife's 2009 disappearance, and her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Authorities say Josh Powell ushered his two boys, Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5, into his home and away from a social worker who delivered them for a supervised visit on Feb. 5. He then locked them in the house and allegedly attacked them with a hatchet. After the alleged attack, a fire engulfed the home. Powell and his children were killed in the gas-fueled explosion.

The controversy over Josh Powell's burial began earlier this week when his family reportedly attempted to purchase a plot next to those of the children. That plan, however, was derailed when two police officers and Crime Stoppers Tacoma-Pierce County purchased the two burial plots beside the boys.

With the plots next to the two boys unavailable, Powell's relatives selected a plot about 25 feet from the boys. News of the proposed purchase caused a public uproar and Bremner asked a judge for a temporary restraining order to block Josh Powell from being buried at the same cemetery.

Charles Cox told CNN he was "relieved" by the news that Josh Powell's remains will not be interred near the children's.