Josh Powell: What Went Wrong?

American's are stunned by the horrific acts of Josh Powell. The accused murderer took his own life and the lives of his two beautiful sons Charles, 7, and Braden, 5 in a bloody inferno.

Josh is suspected of having murdered his wife Susan, with his children in the home and now he's killed her children too.

On the day of the explosion, Josh took the children in his home, and quickly locked the door on a social worker who was there for what was supposed to be a supervised visit. Sources say that the social worker smelled gas, banged on the door, ran to her car to call her boss, and the house exploded.

Investigators found two large canisters of gas in the home, but what may be even worse is that reports are coming in that Josh tried to kill his two sons with a hatchet right before the home exploded into flames. The Pierce County medical examiner reports that the boys both suffered chop injuries. Investigators have recovered a small ax at the scene.

ABC news said, "Despite the court ruling, Powell gave no indication of the rage that would drive him to blow up himself, his children, and his home." Really? How about allegedly killing your wife? How's that for an indication of the rage that would drive someone to blow up themselves and their children? What about the LA Times report that Josh once smashed his sister's hamster, and threatened his mother with a knife?

I'm not here to give you the facts of the case, you can find those all over the Internet... but what went wrong? Are we so use to people getting away with murder that we forget that murderers, murder? Just because accused killers like OJ Simpson or Casey Anthony are not declared guilty in a court of law... does that make them any less dangerous to the rest of society?

There is nobody to blame here but Josh Powell, but shouldn't we be asking bigger questions?

How do we fix a legal system where guilty people walk free, and innocent people wind up in the electric chair? How do you fix a society that treats accused murderers as if they are celebrities? How do we fix a system where Josh Powell gets to murder his wife, and then himself and his children, as a social worker bangs on the front door? Why is one unarmed social worker sent to take two small children to see a murderer?

We see problems in the system and yet we do nothing to change it. We sit there watching Nancy Grace, feeling outraged, but we DO nothing. This isn't an episode of Law & Order where the guilty guy goes to jail in the end; this is real life, where murders walk free, dine with us in restaurants, and murder again.

I honestly don't have any answers. I watch Nancy Grace. I read the tabloids. I feel outraged. What could I have done? What could any of us have done? What went wrong?