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Josh Radnor On How Meditation Can Make You A Better Person

The "How I Met Your Mother" star says the practice makes him kinder, more patient and more effective.

As an actor with a hit sitcom under his belt and a brand new series on the air, Josh Radnor gets lots of questions about how to be successful. His answer is simple: "Get a meditation practice."

The star of "How I Met Your Mother" and the PBS series "Mercy Street" explained to HuffPost Live the immense benefits a few moments of mindfulness can bring to all aspects of life.

"If you can get quiet every day and get into that space, you're gonna be more employable, you're gonna be more of service, you're gonna be a better citizen, you're gonna be a better contributor in so many ways," Radnor said.

Radnor, who has been meditating for about 12 years, added that the tenets of meditation are especially important in our increasingly fast-paced culture:

All the qualities that we hold dear in our society, which are doing and effort -- it sounds counterintuitive, but meditation is about non-doing and effortlessness, so it sounds like, 'Well, why would you do that?' But I find that when I get quiet and close my eyes and go into that still, centered space internally, when I come out I'm ready, I'm more effective. I'm also kinder. I'm more patient, which is quite the virtue.

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