VH1's 'I'm Married To A..." Features Josh Weed, Gay Mormon Man Married To A Woman (VIDEO)

In VH1's latest docu-series, "I'm Married to a...," Josh and Laurel "Lolly" Weed, a married Mormon couple, discuss their seemingly normal relationship, except for one small hiccup: Josh is an out gay man.

Previously covered on ABC's "Nightline," Josh and Lolly have known one another since they were children. Later, when Josh came out to her at the age of 16, it seemed it would become the classic tale of a gay male and his best girl friend. The curveball came when they then began dating and eventually were married. While Josh says he is physically attracted to males, he loves his wife (and their three daughters) and loves their intimacy together.

In tonight's episode of "I'm Married to a..." Josh and Lolly have dinner with a gay couple, and as can be expected, the conversation becomes pretty heated. Watch the exclusive clip above to see how Josh and Lolly react to the gay couple's questions.

What are your thoughts on Josh, an openly gay man, being married to a woman? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

"I'm Married to a..." featuring Josh and Lolly Weed airs tonight, Tuesday, May 28 on VH1 at 10pm ET/PT. For more info on the series, head to its official website.



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