English Schoolboy Joshua Blackaby's Balloon Travels Globe, Is Found 10,000 Miles Away In Australia

Of the 300 balloons released into the air as part of a school project in England, none made it as far as Joshua Blackaby's.

According to the Daily Mail, the 6-year-old recently returned to his Derby, England, school from a February half-term holiday to find a letter waiting for him. A girl named Millie had written to say she had found his balloon in her garden in New South Wales, Australia.

To get from Wyndham Primary Academy to Millie's home, the balloon travelled 10,545 miles.

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joshua blackaby

It was released last December as part of a project about geography and weather. Each balloon was tagged with the school's address in hopes of hearing back from someone if it happened to land in a populated area.

According to the Mirror, Joshua opened the letter from Millie in front of his class.

"Hi," it began. "My name is Millie and I found your balloon in a tree in my back garden. I am very excited and pleased to send it back."

The letter was written in an adult's handwriting but signed with Millie's name.

"I can't believe it went all that way," Joshua told the Mirror. "I am looking forward to writing back to the girl."

According to school coordinator Suzannah Hemmings, students received notes from Denmark and The Netherlands. None, however, came from as far as Australia.

"We thought that was amazing," she said.

If the balloon had taken a straight line route, it would've gone across Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, parts of Africa and the Middle East and the Indian Ocean to end up in Australia.



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