Joshua Patrick Hilt, Naked Florida Man, Threatens Cops On Facebook Then Tasers Officer: Police

A Florida man who allegedly threatened to commit suicide and hurt officers on Facebook attacked cops when they arrived at his home to check on him, starting an all-out brawl that shocked everyone.

Joshua Patrick Hilt, 42, got a visit from officers at his Orlando home on Thursday after he allegedly posted the messages, which weren't released by police, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

When they arrived, Hilt went berserk and ripped off his clothes. An officer tackled Hilt as he attempted to gouge the cop's eye out, the paper reports. Hilt was unsuccessful -- but the two exchanged punches several times before a second officer jumped on Hilt's legs and Tased him.

WESH reports that Hilt grabbed the Taser and used it on the first officer. The second officer tried to pull the Taser away but was shocked in the process.

The fight continued as pepper spray and batons were used on Hilt. In turn, he broke one of their radios. Nothing worked to stop him until several more officers arrived and subdued the suspect.

At least four officers were injured in the melee. Two were treated at the scene and two others were checked into a local hospital with minor injuries, News 13 reports.

Hilt, who officers say will undergo a mental health examination, was charged with five counts of aggravated battery on an officer, three counts of depriving an officer's means of communication, five counts of resisting arrest and indecent exposure.



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