This High Schooler Started A Charity When He Was 5, Revolutionizing What You Can Do With Just $20

Most five-year-olds dream about changing the world one day, but there are few who actually do — especially before their sixth birthday.

Joshua Williams is a special case, though. Instead of pocketing a quick $20 he got from his grandmother when he was five, he gave it away to someone less fortunate: a homeless man.

“He changed my life forever,” Williams, now 13, told HuffPost Live. “He showed me that people out there needed help, and I could do something about it.”

Inspired by his experience, Williams founded Joshua’s Heart, an organization that harnesses the power of kids to fight hunger.

Joshua’s Heart has been so impactful that it was recently awarded a Bright Future Grant from Unilever Project Sunlight, and has even caused celebrities (like actor Josh Duhamel) to join the initiative.

Duhamel, who is now a Unilever Project Sunlight ambassador, says he’s the ‘Robin’ to Williams’ ‘Batman,’ and is determined to help solve the world hunger crisis while educating people about a domestic problem: 1 in 5, or 20 percent, of kids in America are ‘food insecure.’

“It [The Unilever Project Sunlight Bright Future Grant] is helping me help more people in the community and make a bigger impact and change more people’s lives, which in the long run, will make a huge effect,” Williams said.

For those who want more information, Williams recommends visiting for tools and tips on how to help change the world.

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