Joss Whedon Discusses 'Buffy' Animated Series Regrets

Joss Whedon's Big 'Buffy' Regret

Joss Whedon has killed off many fan-favorite characters in his TV heyday, but his biggest "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" regret involves a cartoon. At a question and answer panel, Whedon said not getting the "Buffy" animated series off the ground is his biggest regret regarding the popular TV franchise.

"We got to do almost everything we wanted to do," Whedon said at a Director’s Guild event. “The only thing we didn't get to do is an animated version, which was a delight for us because the writers themselves were working on it."

According to Whedon, the writers produced seven scripts with the idea "what could we not do [on the regular series]" in mind.

"They were really fun to write," Whedon said. "We could not sell the show. We could not sell an animated 'Buffy,' which I still find incomprehensible."

The series had most of the main cast reprising their roles and was set during the first three seasons of the series.

Whedon's been on a roll revealing "Buffy" thoughts close to 10 years after the series wrapped. During a Reddit AMA, he revealed which character was the hardest to kill: Joyce Summers, Buffy's mom.

Watch a promo for the "Buffy" animated series below.

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