Jourdan Dunn Explains Racist Encounter With A Makeup Artist On 'The Jonathan Ross Show' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jourdan Dunn Explains That Racist Encounter

We're still trying to get over Jourdan Dunn revealing that a makeup artist refused to work with her because she was black. Crazy, right?

Well, the British model shared more details about that horrible story and more during a recent appearance on UK’s "The Jonathan Ross Show." When asked whether it was simply the makeup artist's lack of knowledge, rather than racism that caused her refusal, Jourdan shot back with a rational (and spot on) response.

“Here’s my thing, if you’re a makeup artist you should be able to do any type. And if you're a hairstylist you should be able to do any type of hair. It’s just hair, it's just skin. You need to know your stuff.”


Jourdan goes on to talk about her dreams of designing a denim collection and even gives host Jonathan Ross an impromptu makeover, which included cutting up his pants. While the tattered result won't be landing Jourdan any styling jobs, she can keep busy fronting major fashion campaigns, whipping up yummy recipes on her cooking show and flashing Justin Bieber (yeah, that happened).

Check out Jourdan's fun interview in the video above.

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