Jourdan Dunn Harlem Shake: Model Does Popular Dance During London Fashion Week (VIDEO)

We're still baffled by the popularity of the viral "Harlem Shake" videos, mainly because no one is doing the real Harlem Shake (see: this) and because even if they were, the dance move hit its peak over 10 years ago (see: that). But technicalities aside, it is fun to see folks let loose and get their dance on.

A new installment of the meme comes courtesy of one of our favorite fashion models -- Jourdan Dunn. The British bombshell was joined by fellow models Cara Delevingne and Rosie Tapner to perform their version of the dance craze during London Fashion Week on Sunday. The trio decided that waiting backstage for the Topshop Unique fashion show to start was as good a time as any to turn their downtime into a dance party.

While most people look downright silly doing the dance, these gals make the moves look hot, which we'll 100 percent attribute to the fact that they are supermodels.

Check out Jourdan, Cara and Rosie getting down in the video above, and flip through the slideshow below for other versions of the "Harlem Shake."



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