'Fox & Friends' Says 'Journalism Matters' Is 'Anti-Trump Rhetoric'


“Fox & Friends” published a damning report on media bias on Tuesday, revealing that multiple news outlets are peddling apparel emblazoned with rhetoric against President Donald Trump.

Or at least that’s what you’d think if you read a tweet by the morning news show. But the examples of “anti-Trump rhetoric” featured in the segment are actually explicitly pro-journalism, not anti-Trump.

Anchor Heather Childers points to the LA Times selling a T-shirt that says, “Journalism Matters,” the Chicago Tribune selling a tank that says, “Speaking truth to power since 1847” and the Washington Post advertising a T-shirt reading, “Democracy Dies in Darkness” - the outlet’s new slogan.

The fact that the show seemed to be equating supporting journalism with being against Trump was not lost on people.

But the fact that someone would interpret the slogans this way isn’t really a surprise. Trump hasn’t exactly hidden his hatred for the press, going so far as to label several major mainstream news outlets “fake news” and calling them “the enemy of the American people.”

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